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Denver Traffic Sucks

Photo by Jonathon Papsin taken from One Lincoln Park.
Photo by Jonathon Papsin

On any given weekday rush hour in downtown Denver you could probably walk (and certainly bike) across town to your destination in a fraction of the amount of time it would take you than by car or bus. Among a myriad of factors contributing to added traffic is the volume of new real estate developments encroaching onto streets with construction equipment, thereby squeezing lanes and creating confusing detours while reducing street parking options. But face it, traffic stress is the bump-in-the-road side effect of living in one of the coolest cities in the country. Bike, walk, skateboard, Car2Go, Uber, Lyft, Bus, Light Rail, Cab? We’re pretty fortunate to have a lot of easily accessible public transit and ride share options in this city. Let’s all make a better effort to take advantage of them even if it’s just a couple days per week and exercise a bit more patience while getting to our destination, the scenery is great here, take it in. By the way, I’ve lived in Denver for five years without owning a vehicle. Living downtown couldn’t be easier to get around.

Here’s a fun fact , the askew layout of the Denver street grid has both benefits and drawbacks as it was born in the 1850’s, it became the exception to the rule as the city grew around it in the following decades. Clever minds can come up with some creative scavenger hunts just based on the idiosyncratic street intersections with triangular blocks around town.

I recently found “A Tale of Two Grids: Confusion Aside, Diagonal Streets Distinguish Downtown Denver” to be a very insightful read by Mike Taylor. Enjoy!

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