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2015 State of Downtown Denver

Earlier this week I attended the 2015 State of Downtown Denver annual report presented by the Downtown Denver Partnership. As a Rental Broker with a strong focus on downtown, this was a great opportunity for me to gain some valuable insights into the business and real estate development taking place in Denver. The presenters and report provided exciting evidence of continued development, with high demand office space, growth in employment, residential real estate and increased transportation options across Downtown Denver.


Tami Door, President and CEO, Downtown Denver Partnership said it best, “When you build a place that is favorable to the locals, you cannot help but also attract visitors.”

Speakers at the breakfast included David Kenney, president and founder, The Kenney Group Inc.; John Moye, founding partner, MoyeWhite; John Levisay, co-founder and CEO, Sympoz / Craftsy; Amy Cara, partner, East West Partners; and Brad Buchanan, executive director of Denver’s Department of Community Planning & Development. Lastly, a special performance by Ken Arkind, national slam beat poet, closed the event.

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